Friday, May 30, 2008

no dictionary can hold us

often times we are defined
not by who we truly are
but by what we do

our jobs consume
the better part of our soul
and leave us a husk

other times we are defined
by those we love around us
the circle we keep

but their demands and needs
can leave us unfulfilled
and alone

many times we are defined
by our actions, or words
or mannerisms

but words said in haste
or the faces we make
can alienate

some define us by
where we pray, what we wear
who were seen with

those depths are dangerously low
scratching a surface
reflected in a mirror

we define ourselves differently
like the expressions we make
and cannot see

we see the truth behind the masks
the longing and desires
the love hate and rage

we define ourselves
through our actions and deeds
our voices and needs

we define ourselves
through everything that is

we define
without definition
without distinction

for what others see
we see everything
our outline

as only we can define

Linking to the past: Native Winter

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let it go

Con man took your money
Preacher man took your soul
No one left to turn to
Nowhere left to go

Another woman took your man
eviction notice on your door
on your knees praying again
weeping silently on the floor

let it go
let it go

Boss man take your job away
Parents turn away from their child
Your hair is frizzy and your face a mess
clothes all wrinkled and out of style

let it go
let it go

You can't please anyone
they want a piece of you
better stand in line

and let it go
let it go

forget it all
to hell with the freefall
move on down
away from this town
let it go
pack it
load it on up

let it go

Revisiting hope: Today and tomorrow

Monday, May 26, 2008

The first amendment

I recently enabled comment moderating because I occassionally get someone posting a comment that has nothing to do with my post (see the first comment under UFO below); they are just ranting about some idea or notion that they want to bombard people with.

I'm all against censorship, but everything has it's time and place. And my blog, my place, is not someone's podium or soapbox. Therefore, if you wish to express you theories, ideas or comments about anything other than my post, kindly do it elsewhere.

Blogger is free; get your blog and leave mine in peace.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

U.F.O (trailer park blues - little green man edition)

I swear I saw it
in the midnight sky
lights flashing to and fro
I swear I saw it live

who will ever believe me
this is so surreal
they will all think that I'm crazy
that I don't know what is real

I swear I saw it
it came straight down
and it landed
firmly on the ground

when they came out
of their craft
they had such huge heads
that I nearly laughed at

but I made no sound
and I made no motion
I wouldn't be caught
I wouldn't be probed, yeah

who will ever believe me
this is so surreal
they will all think that I'm crazy
that I don't know what is real

The little green "men"
they wandered around
taking in
the life forms they had found

among all the rest
they had spotted me
and the rest, as they say
is history

who will ever believe me
this is so surreal
they will all think that I'm crazy
that I don't know what is real

don't come near me
put that probe down
don't come closer
I swear I'll tell no one

when they left
I was all alone
forcefully forgot what I saw
and what was done

but still in head
I could see everything
those little green bastards
had done to me

who will ever believe me
this is so surreal
they will all think that I'm crazy
that I don't know what is real

Revisiting the voice: vox

in a blink of an eye

slip of the lip
slip of the tongue
doesn't matter
the damage is done

slice of the blade
slice of the tongue
nothing ever
can be undone

wishful thinking
can get you only so far
it's just like wishing
upon your lucky star

hope and promises
fill the days to come
and leaves you with nothing
nothing done

slip of the lip
slip of the tongue
life is much to short
to live it unsung

rapier wit
words that stung
it's never to late
to get it all done

wishful thinking
and praying if you will
will lead to nothing more
than a life unfulfilled

wishful thinking
and counting on luck
will leave you with nothing
there's no such thing as luck

don't believe in miracles
or that people ever change
the more that you are hoping
the more things stay the same

place belief in yourself
and be a catalyst of change
control what you can
leave the rest to fate

it's not too late
it's not too late

don't hesitate
or the moment is gone

Revisiting the Stalker

Saturday, May 24, 2008

3rd anniversary of this blog

This month I celebrate my third anniversary of writing this blog. I never imagined that I would be able to keep writing consistently for this long, but I am very glad that I stuck with it. Each milestone, be it another year or another hundred posts, pales in comparison to the happiness I feel with each poem.

Each post is a major accomplishment, a tiny bit of me or my world. It sometimes flows easily, but mostly it takes precious time. I feel it has and will be time well spent.

I hope you enjoy visiting here as much as I enjoy having you here.

Revisiting us, we

Thursday, May 22, 2008



shades of purple
shades of you

Revisting your time

Sunday, May 18, 2008


There is no one beside me
or in front of me
or behind

I stand
on this battlefield

my only
- my mind

No one will save me
or rescue me
I only have myself

I draw a deep breath
and exhale through
a broken smile

fear and courage
race through my being

I take the step

I have to face these demons
and slay them
or be slain

I must fight them one by one
or me versus them all

Guerilla warfare
hand to hand

it is my battle
and it wages on
every day

I must fight the good fight
not for honor, or country or

but for myself
in order to


Revisting a past connection

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


a momentary flicker
then a flash -
a collision of thoughts
untangled from the web
of thinking,
hanging alone in the breeze
looking for purchase
before the winds of time
rip it from its fragile mooring

and it sails away
a gossamer string of words

floating into the wilderness
of what was
what could have been
what will never be

Revisiting the past: melting

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The new black

when did it become fashionable
to endure word verification
Why is it normal
to understand that someone will work
incredibly hard
(harder than the real job they have)
without pay
just to hack a website
for fun?
When did we recognize that
food is not merely food
or art, or enjoyment -
it's science,
and we're not qualified
to select for ourselves
what's best for us anymore?
Watch the old black and white TV series'
see the families
the world
and ask yourself
What happened?

Revisiting the black and white past: Sans map