Friday, May 30, 2008

no dictionary can hold us

often times we are defined
not by who we truly are
but by what we do

our jobs consume
the better part of our soul
and leave us a husk

other times we are defined
by those we love around us
the circle we keep

but their demands and needs
can leave us unfulfilled
and alone

many times we are defined
by our actions, or words
or mannerisms

but words said in haste
or the faces we make
can alienate

some define us by
where we pray, what we wear
who were seen with

those depths are dangerously low
scratching a surface
reflected in a mirror

we define ourselves differently
like the expressions we make
and cannot see

we see the truth behind the masks
the longing and desires
the love hate and rage

we define ourselves
through our actions and deeds
our voices and needs

we define ourselves
through everything that is

we define
without definition
without distinction

for what others see
we see everything
our outline

as only we can define

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