Thursday, October 25, 2007


I see them silhouetted against the backdrop
of evening's dusk laden sky

pointing to the heavens

some are faintly visible,
lit by the glow a million stars
on the ground

my rooftop
a launching pad for a dreamer's dreams
and reflections

I am aware that I can't fly

but my fantasies betray me
as my dreams come crashing
back to earth

terra firma

my arrival

Poetry Tag

The sound shook his bones
like a cymbal
crashing fast against his soul,
a soul detached from mind and body,
shivering in the dark
and fearing the coming light
he fled to a dingy back alley

I found this poem fragment at the

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

lost in a transition

my internal compass seems broken
I cannot tell what direction I'm going
but my engine keeps running strong
and my head keeps humming along
to some song I have yet to create
but that doesn't mean it isn't great
it's just not here to share, or hear
it stays here, in my head, with the dread
I feel when I am wandering, lost
because my internal compass seems broken
along with my internal clock
my timing is more than a little off
and the spring in my step may have sprung
so I cannot arrive at my conclusions
without mentally limping along
humming that song
that doesn't exist
until I get my bearings

Monday, October 8, 2007

In loving memory...

We had to put our dog of almost 10 years down today. She was always a spirited, goofy, fun loving dog since the day we brought her home. The girls and dog grew up together. She could always make you smile (except with her breath, though. But I suppose we'll miss that too!)
In a matter of a few short days, she fell ill and we discovered she had a massive growth in her abdomen. She was miserable, lethargic and could barely stand up. We did what we felt was best for her. The idea of her suffering and going through surgeries and repeated treatments was too much for any of us to handle. And her eyes begged for help that just wasn't available.

Jasmine, we love you and we will miss you dearly. You were a pure joy.

We hope heaven is filled with Twizzlers and popcorn for you.

Monday, October 1, 2007


the wind grows chilly
as the sun sets early
the leaves dance their way
across my memory

the air is thick with
wood smoke curling lazily
from brick chimneys
and burning leaves

bees buzz purposely
around fallen apples
getting their fill before
the inevitable sleep

dried flowers and yellowing lawns
crunch underfoot
as I climb the hill
on the last leg of the journey

I'm almost home