Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inspired by, Part V: The world

I'm inspired by the world's...
  • differences
  • similarities
  • varying cultures
  • unbelievable foods
  • unbelievable beliefs (unbelievable to me, anyway)
  • politics (from a distance)
  • music
  • clothing
  • lands
  • histories
  • monetary units
  • social systems
  • cars
  • oceans
  • art
  • and of course, the people

I suppose everyone is influenced by others in world, no matter how small the influence. It could be something as simple as appreciating one's freedom versus others that are oppressed. It could be a taste for a type of cultural food and cooking processes. How many people are inspired by great makers of music, international as well as on the home front, past and present?

The world, with all it's beauty and ugliness, inspires me in a billion ways that the reader will probably never know.

But I do....


I’m not fast enough
I’m not smart enough
I will never be
Good enough
Good enough

It’s all in the genes
Abused ancestry
Have all left me - not
Good enough
Good enough

It’s just the way it’s been
Something’s will never change
It’s just the way it is
I have no power to change
I’m not
Good enough
At anything
Anything at all

Anything, anything at all

I’m not pretty enough
I’m not skinny enough
I will never make
Anything, of myself

It’s been handed down
Vicious cycle, Round and round
Incapable of
Anything at all

It’s just the way it’s been
I have no power to change
It’s just the way it is
Something’s will never change
I’m not
Good enough
At anything
Anything at all

What’s your excuse?
What’s your reason?
What’s your problem?

Everything happens (to you)
Because of someone else

Anything you do
You do due to ancient injustice

Nothing (anyone can do)
Will ever make it right

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up

It’s all a crutch

It’s time
To stand
On your own

Revisting the past (1/24/2007): Cruising

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am, part IV: Weary

I am growing weary of...
  • stupidity, laziness and dirty people
  • Hollywoods' self-importance
  • steroid talk
  • high gas prices
  • the paparazzi
  • home repair
  • casinos, bars and pawn shops
  • people who don't clean the snow off their cars
  • the fact that everything I eat is bad for me
  • my messy desk, garage, et al.
  • my dreams that never come true (yet I still dream)
  • my job
  • reality TV (enough already...)
  • people who can't (or don't) think for themselves
  • my bad attitude
  • myself sometimes
  • this list

Revisiting the past: apology

dropped earth

an echo of the moment
captured in rings,
growing outward
away from a chaotic center
until they disappear
into the fringe
of reflected sky

This is my submission of this poetry prompt.

Revisiting the past: Yulunga

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another one of those

"You should have a leather coat. It helps protect against this wind." He smiled when he told me this.

I looked at my old coat, then stared at the stranger speaking to me. I never asked for his opinion on winter outerwear.

"Yeah, thanks. I'll keep that in mind. " Great, another animal killing bastard. Why not wear a hat made out of baby seal too? I'm sure that will keep me warm. Slaughtering defenseless animals is a sin.

"You want fries with your double burger?" he asked.

"Sure, why not," I replied.

Revisiting the past:Shadow of a whisper

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The master and the servant

the words bit
and bit again
swirling vortices
of unstructured grammar
yet beautiful
and strong
I challenged them
set them in a row
rearranged them
the biting began anew
more and more
their numbers grew
I struggled
attempting to subdue
the uncontrollable
the wild
I managed
to teach them
the element of surprise
The most unruly
still bit
on occassion
the wounds remind me
that I am not in charge
of the words;
they command

Revisiting the past -
What I wrote two years ago:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Hallowed halls

I walked among the ancient walls
absorbing the years of reverence
the history of footfalls
echoing throughout the corridor

I feel the weight of faith
the power of belief
I'm swayed towards the light
from my grounded soul

A man mopping the floor
asks if I need directions
I speak to him, amazed
that he doesn't feel the power

"This building presents
the delight of a
magicians trick; it also
holds the secrets of the illusion."

he turned and continued cleaning
I stood, mouth agape
my thoughts tangled
my heart racing

because I knew it was true

Revisiting the past:
What I wrote one year ago

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new twist for the new year

Happy New Year to everyone. This year I am adding a little twist to my posts - at the bottom of the post, I will add a link to an older post under the heading "Revisiting the past."

I do this because I have been to many sites I enjoyed and it took forever to get through all the older posts. By adding a link, I hope to give readers a glimpse of my work over time without prompting them to visit the link history.

Here's to a year full of interesting writing, reading and art!

The Making

I have the urge to create

but I lack the vision
and insight

I don't have a goal
or purpose

that's not the problem

I write spontaneously
without direction

like a drifter recording
many travels

from the farthest reaches
of my mind

a documentary
of emotions

with meaning only
for me

I have the urge to create
but I lack the means

of appealing
to the masses

Maybe my niche
is elsewhere

a smaller groove
my words fit into

a place off the path
another dimension

of the same universe
Frost wrote from

but mine points
in another direction

and it makes
all the difference

to me

Revisiting the past:
What I wrote a year ago