Thursday, April 3, 2008


Movement, slow and unrestrained
it leads you where it may
the motion and emotion
nothing can take this away
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
measures of hectic style
why try to fight it, step up from sorrow
wallow in love for a while
heat, ice, cold, fire
love, hate, resentment, ashes
opal, diamond, ruby, sapphire
lead and be lead
hard as water, soft as steel
don't be afraid, by what youfeel
speak the words, say them aloud
walk tall, stand straight and proud
hearts can talk without a voice
feelings can sigh, a lovers choice
yes and no, soft and hard
fast and slow, inch and yard
move to the light, feel the passion play
time in reverse, night to day
walking, running, lying down
crying, smiling, wincing frown
you, me, let's be free
alight the fire deep within
hold the torch, burn the envy
bad and good, prayer and sin
embrace the fear, release the love
awaken the urges, restrain the shove
move toward the greater beginning
away from the checkered past
rebuild the memories
don't be afraid to ask
nothing gained in nothing
be something some of the time
always someone, just one
two too many to try
never give it up
fight the urge to hold it back
bring it on, the fury
kiss it away down the less travelled path
lead and be lead, awaken the urges, nothing can take this away

Revisiting the past: yearn

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Light Years Away

I live in
the distance and time
the kiss and emotion
in the last moment
we were together

I have seen
the past, present and future
the tears and heartbeats
of the memories
with us together

I dream of
the tastes and sounds
the sunshine and appetitie
of two minds
involved together

I can sense
the fears and tension
betrayal and adoration
in the hearts
of two together

I can ask
for absolution and peace
us and the miles
of separation
until we're together

Revisiting the darkness: Black

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Counteraction to an unexpected move
Forced reaction to a point that's moot

Blackened horizon burned with memories
Darkness is leaving the abyss slowly

No one moves quickly - the color drains from souls
Unexpected sudden ending - the last thing they will know

They walk into oblivion with heads bowed in despair
The world passes on though, and forgets we were ever there

Lifeless shells turn to dust and rust - they scatter in the wind
Sunrise breaks on peaceful lands - the cycle will begin


Revisting my inspirations: Neil Peart