Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dog days

another day in the heat
muggy, hazy... lazy
like me

I can't find the spark
the drive
the energy

to start another project
or finish one
even though I want to

"the mind is willing"
but not willing enough
and the body aches

with the years , too many
that catch up quickly
no longer young

like the summer
slowly fading
after this dismal stretch.

the dog is sleeping
sprawled out on the floor
I know how she feels

I know too well
wake us up
when autumn arrives

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Out Of Focus

I see the world, without distortion
except for the area closest to me
my personal space, where I dwell
My brain processes the images


so that I can see what I want to see
regardless of reality
So I can protect myself
from the truth

I'm not lying to myself
It's more like
unconscious self preservation
even though I'm dying inside

from the reality
of the truth

Monday, August 7, 2006

Nostradamus didn't see this coming

it's been said that "the meek shall inherit the earth"
but they won't
the stupid will
the same people that mindlessly take to the road while
talking on their cell, reading, putting on makeup
they will inherit the earth
not the rich; they're too cunning
the stupid can outlast 'em, beat them at the waiting game
because stupid people don't understand what's going on
and slither on through life like what they do affects no one else
like their actions have no consequences
or the consequences are not theirs - shift the blame
pass the buck, it's not their fault. ever.
and they convince others of this
they get laws changed, win ridiculous lawsuits
and stumble on, day by day
the geniuses of the world cannot comprehend the power
of the collective group of stupid people
therefore, they cannot combat this great force
like a river overflowing it's banks
stupidity engulfs and overtakes everything in it's path
and when it recedes
it's stain is left behind
covering the planet
it inherited

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

the market

Forbidden fruit is in season
Temptation falls from the vine
I see no special reason
Not to pluck it and make it mine