Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kissing a stranger

I wanted to kiss her
it is as absurd as it sounds

she boarded the train
as I exited to the crowded platform

our gazes met in passing
she smiled, maybe at me, maybe not

I'd never seen her before
and I only saw her for a few moments

yet, I wanted to hold her beautiful face
and plant one on her lips

she had plump, naturally red lips
their curves alluring and inviting

her smile caught my heart between beats
and it felt as though it wouldn't start again

she smiled completely, with her lips
her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes

she had clear, compassionate eyes
the kind that speak the words hearts can't

I wondered what her kiss would be like
what heaven (or hell) would await me when our lips touched

For a brief moment I pondered
if she felt the same after our eyes met
(the dreamer in me was hoping she did,
the realist was saying "hell no")

I said and did nothing, of course
we're absolute strangers

still I wonder how many other people
have felt like I did

how many have wanted to kiss
- just one kiss, nothing more -

a stranger?


If I write the words
and no one ever reads them,
do they still matter?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

: (rest)

I haven't heard the music playing lately
the soft spoken symphony
arranged perfectly, eloquently

the striking balance
of throaty desire
heady exclamations
a chorus of pleasure

building up, slow to fast
a pinnacle of notes
carefully placed for maximum effect
throughfully composed

the crescendo has passed
the waning notes fade
but the desire lingers and grows
coded in a coda, retained in a refrain

Echoing in the excited heart
of one who appreciates
the finer points
of a beautiful musician

Sunday, November 18, 2007

November (time is running out)

I was going to write that novel,
you know the one -that November thing
where I submit 2000 words a day
or something like that

but life got in the way

I was going to add a blog post every day
keep up with that National blogging month thingamajig
one post a day, how hard can it be?
even I can pencil a few lines each day

well, life got in the way

I understand what these exercises offer -
the opportunity to be supported
by a like minded community
to grow and help others grow

but life gets in the way

the trick is to make time
(that's the lesson I'm sure)
to hone my craft and create something
dust off the ideas and write

but life has a habit of getting it's way

If I could make time, I'd save it in a jar
then I'd sell it on eBay in October
to all those Blogger Novel writers
(maybe even become a millionaire)

But that's a lot of work
and I'm pretty darn sure
that as soon as I'd get started

life would get in the way


I ran into you
time and time again
and you never saw me coming

I ran over you
to get your attention
and you closed your eyes

I ran up to you
blocking escape
still you managed to turn away

I ran around you
an orbit of desire
and you never broke your stride

I ran away from you
fighting the pull within
and I missed the tears you shed

for me

Monday, November 5, 2007

one wish, before I go

I don't like to second guess myself
it's a messy way to live
but sometimes I rush into things
and in my haste I say

it will all work out
for the best
I'm sure

but I'm not really sure

I stick to my guns and
plant my feet firmly
and come whatever may
I believe

unfortunately my belief is in others
and I have no control over their actions

I once thought I could influence people
by behaving in the right manner
and being nice, polite, helpful

I ended up hurt, friendless, confused
kicked about and used
taken for granted

"do unto others"
doesn't mean squat to most people

it's does to me though

I'm still the optimist
most of the time

and I still believe
that what I do can affect
someone's behavior

I just hope
to see it
one day


Sunday, November 4, 2007


the unforgotten memory
swimming in the sea of the unconciousness
broke the surface

coupled with the overwhelming sense of fear
can wreak havoc

the mind bent to the memory
warping around the twisted depravity like a poison vine
deadly chokehold

my psyche pushed the memory back
drowned it out with illusions and lies
silence returned

the memory stirred
the illusions whirled
my head swam

and I slept
the sleep
of devils and angels

which was I?