Sunday, November 18, 2007

November (time is running out)

I was going to write that novel,
you know the one -that November thing
where I submit 2000 words a day
or something like that

but life got in the way

I was going to add a blog post every day
keep up with that National blogging month thingamajig
one post a day, how hard can it be?
even I can pencil a few lines each day

well, life got in the way

I understand what these exercises offer -
the opportunity to be supported
by a like minded community
to grow and help others grow

but life gets in the way

the trick is to make time
(that's the lesson I'm sure)
to hone my craft and create something
dust off the ideas and write

but life has a habit of getting it's way

If I could make time, I'd save it in a jar
then I'd sell it on eBay in October
to all those Blogger Novel writers
(maybe even become a millionaire)

But that's a lot of work
and I'm pretty darn sure
that as soon as I'd get started

life would get in the way

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i like this poem very much. Somehow i thought it was funny at the end.