Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kissing a stranger

I wanted to kiss her
it is as absurd as it sounds

she boarded the train
as I exited to the crowded platform

our gazes met in passing
she smiled, maybe at me, maybe not

I'd never seen her before
and I only saw her for a few moments

yet, I wanted to hold her beautiful face
and plant one on her lips

she had plump, naturally red lips
their curves alluring and inviting

her smile caught my heart between beats
and it felt as though it wouldn't start again

she smiled completely, with her lips
her mouth, her cheeks, her eyes

she had clear, compassionate eyes
the kind that speak the words hearts can't

I wondered what her kiss would be like
what heaven (or hell) would await me when our lips touched

For a brief moment I pondered
if she felt the same after our eyes met
(the dreamer in me was hoping she did,
the realist was saying "hell no")

I said and did nothing, of course
we're absolute strangers

still I wonder how many other people
have felt like I did

how many have wanted to kiss
- just one kiss, nothing more -

a stranger?


crimsonflaw said...

Well, i have felt that way so many times but this world alas does not turn on kisses or love easily given...

and what a beautiful observation, and what elegant couplets you ve put togehter , all for a question at the end..

and daydreamer, you visited, i am most grateful..

god bless you

Sarayu said...

:) sweet !! I actually find this poem so similar to the theme of a movie before sunrise(1995)..keep up the good work !!
and thanks so much for stopping by my blog,and leaving a comment, hope you will find time to drp in once in a while...