Monday, November 5, 2007

one wish, before I go

I don't like to second guess myself
it's a messy way to live
but sometimes I rush into things
and in my haste I say

it will all work out
for the best
I'm sure

but I'm not really sure

I stick to my guns and
plant my feet firmly
and come whatever may
I believe

unfortunately my belief is in others
and I have no control over their actions

I once thought I could influence people
by behaving in the right manner
and being nice, polite, helpful

I ended up hurt, friendless, confused
kicked about and used
taken for granted

"do unto others"
doesn't mean squat to most people

it's does to me though

I'm still the optimist
most of the time

and I still believe
that what I do can affect
someone's behavior

I just hope
to see it
one day