Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's just like

it's 11:32
and I
long for you

It's time
to stop chasing skirts
oh god this hurts

what do you
want me to say
to prove to you

that what I felt
that one fateful day
is still true?

it's 11:32
and you're asleep
I'm awake

and it's like
any other night
after the give and take

it's just like any other night
it's just like any other day
the chips
they fall where they may

it's just like any other man
it's just like any other woman
it's more complex than we believe
it's only

it's just like you and me
and everything in between
it's just like
you and me

only you're asleep
and I wish
you were

Sunday, April 5, 2009


what is greatness
we all have our definition
maybe it's running into a burning building
to save a child
or perhaps it's studying to cure
the wasting diseases that ravage our age
maybe it's someone who discovers the true
meaning of it all
still others may view a strong faith
a belief in the unknown as great

what is great to you
may not mean anything to another
what is god to you
is nothing to someone else
what is sacred
is malignant
in the eyes
of others
that which is evil
can be described
by another person
as a way of life

what is your greatness
and your greatest weakness?
together they form
the universe
that is you

and me

Thursday, April 2, 2009

no one can steal a dream

the lost can only retrieve
of better times when
things went right
before the madness
before the darkness
before the confusion
the damned can only hope
and pray
for salvation
before damnation
before suffering
before finality
the hopeful can only dream
for tomorrow
before reality prevails
before economies crash
before depression wins
the downtrodden
can only wish
for a morsel
before the greedy
or other needy
knock them down
the dreamers
can only dream
of whatever they wish
no one can steal a dream