Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Why couldn’t I be enough?

Why couldn’t I be strong enough?

Why couldn’t my best be good enough?


Why couldn’t I make you happy?

Why couldn’t you let me go?

Why couldn’t I walk away?


When does it all come together?

When does the yearning stop?

When will all the pieces fit?


I should have walked away back then

I should have run away when you said

When you said

Touching me made you sick

When you did everything to tell me it was over

Except say it was over

I should have run, never looked back

I should have walked into the sun

So many “should have dones”

Could of, would of, should of

Hindsight, yeah it’s so clear

But it wasn’t for all those years

Discarded, unwanted, inadequate

Square peg, Round hole

Forcing, splinters

Piercing my heart

Falling apart

Falling away



I never knew how alone it could be

With you by my side


Push over


I just wanted to be your hero


Not an absolute