Saturday, January 19, 2008

dropped earth

an echo of the moment
captured in rings,
growing outward
away from a chaotic center
until they disappear
into the fringe
of reflected sky

This is my submission of this poetry prompt.

Revisiting the past: Yulunga


paisley said...

i never critique anyones work,, as i feel it is too personal... but portions of this rewrote itself for me as i read it and i would like to share it with you... if you are interested ,,, please email me at i could not find an email address for you anywhere....

tumblewords said...

an echo of the moment - nice phrase!

writerwoman said...

This brings to mind, to me, the last moments of humanity. I find this poem very thought provoking. Something I read several times over.

Luara said...

Reading your writing it's like I can hear it sung.