Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inspired by, Part V: The world

I'm inspired by the world's...
  • differences
  • similarities
  • varying cultures
  • unbelievable foods
  • unbelievable beliefs (unbelievable to me, anyway)
  • politics (from a distance)
  • music
  • clothing
  • lands
  • histories
  • monetary units
  • social systems
  • cars
  • oceans
  • art
  • and of course, the people

I suppose everyone is influenced by others in world, no matter how small the influence. It could be something as simple as appreciating one's freedom versus others that are oppressed. It could be a taste for a type of cultural food and cooking processes. How many people are inspired by great makers of music, international as well as on the home front, past and present?

The world, with all it's beauty and ugliness, inspires me in a billion ways that the reader will probably never know.

But I do....

1 comment:

adi said...

yeah right
almost the same for me
but with so many more things to say and feel
found ur blog thru 'angel fish'
good words
keep writing friend
god bless