Sunday, May 25, 2008

in a blink of an eye

slip of the lip
slip of the tongue
doesn't matter
the damage is done

slice of the blade
slice of the tongue
nothing ever
can be undone

wishful thinking
can get you only so far
it's just like wishing
upon your lucky star

hope and promises
fill the days to come
and leaves you with nothing
nothing done

slip of the lip
slip of the tongue
life is much to short
to live it unsung

rapier wit
words that stung
it's never to late
to get it all done

wishful thinking
and praying if you will
will lead to nothing more
than a life unfulfilled

wishful thinking
and counting on luck
will leave you with nothing
there's no such thing as luck

don't believe in miracles
or that people ever change
the more that you are hoping
the more things stay the same

place belief in yourself
and be a catalyst of change
control what you can
leave the rest to fate

it's not too late
it's not too late

don't hesitate
or the moment is gone

Revisiting the Stalker

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