Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let it go

Con man took your money
Preacher man took your soul
No one left to turn to
Nowhere left to go

Another woman took your man
eviction notice on your door
on your knees praying again
weeping silently on the floor

let it go
let it go

Boss man take your job away
Parents turn away from their child
Your hair is frizzy and your face a mess
clothes all wrinkled and out of style

let it go
let it go

You can't please anyone
they want a piece of you
better stand in line

and let it go
let it go

forget it all
to hell with the freefall
move on down
away from this town
let it go
pack it
load it on up

let it go

Revisiting hope: Today and tomorrow


coyote said...

Writng song lyrics these days, 'dreamer? The last few have that feel...

DayDreamer said...

I've been writing lyrics since I first picked up the pen.

If I could only get them into a song....