Thursday, May 4, 2006

without a map

where was I
at that moment
when the words found me
rather than I
for them?

where was I
when the emotion
unleashed, unbridled
broke the surface
and the ice

where was I
when the anger
the love
the fear
and the desire
retreated enough
to see the truth?

where was I
when I put pen
to paper
to keys
in motion
without fear?

where was I
and how do I return?


coyote said...

Why, you were right here...

Arundhati said...

It matters not where we are
When the wave rises
To kiss the sky
When the wings stretch
To fly beyond

What matters is the flight
The cadence, the passion
The moments unbriddled
The dreams unfettered

Life is lived
In nuggets of gold
Little shining moments
Where clarity resounds

Soulless said...

I agree with Coyote. ^_^

The twist in the end is fruit of a genius mind. Loved it.

Day Dreamer said...

Coyote - My body was here, but where was I /?

Arundhati - Finding those nuggets can be hard, rewarding work - indeed.

Souless - Genius mind? Maybe not, but I do try my best.