Saturday, May 27, 2006

16 years

Sequin rattling, jumpy nerves
the tremble before the words
whirring camera racing by
that day is much a blur

parties gather, left and right
split by procession small
(history wiped out by the "Fly")
up in front: one is short, one tall

third floor food, honored guests
golden duster, wagon wheel
tired and happy, take a ride
best feeling I could ever feel

slept so soundly, caught a plane
to celebrate three unions - new
nowadays it's not the same
it's only me and you

the journey has made me who I am
And I would never second guess
if I would ever be anyone else
but forever, your "Gomez"

Happy Anniversary - I love you!


S. Douglas said...

You got me on this one. Not sure what it means but I like it just the same. Give me a hint...

Day Dreamer said...

Well, most people won't get this one. But the one it was written for definitely got it. It's one of the few pieces I have written for only one person to understand. I'm glad you still enjoyed it. Oh yeah, the hint: sequins, union, procession...anniversary? Hmmm, what can it all mean?