Friday, June 2, 2006


And I don’t wish to be
I’d rather hold her hand
Enjoy her company
Us, alone

The rain beats steadily on the shutter
the rhythm sends me deeper
my mind is all cluttered
I seek and I find her
In a field of broken dreams
I see her beauty and smile
What can all this mean?
She’s been comatose for years
The needle took her away from me
Why these vision in the darkness?
Why is life such a mystery?
We were happy, in love
The days filled with vibrant life
But she couldn’t satisfy the need
She couldn’t be my wife

Alone now
My mind clears as the tears fall
The rain stops pouring
I wish I could erase it all
Make it go away
The machine seems the only thing alive
I hold her pale unmoving hand
Why can’t they let her die?
Her family is not ready to let her go
Let her die with a little dignity
But they cling to hope, and she lies
Hooked to the damned machine
I’ve felt so tempted
To set her free
Turn off the power
And end the misery
It’s not my place to, though
It’s not my choice to make
I would have made it long ago
For her imprisoned sake
There will be no recovery
She’ll always be this way
Yet there is some hope for me
I must learn to carry on
Live life as I should
Do the things we liked to do
Enjoy life like she would
It’s hard to move quickly
I have to move real slow
Take time for me to adjust
And let my feelings go
She's become an angel now
Even though the machine makes her breathe
She watches over me, I feel it
She sees exactly what I see
I lived for her these past few years
Now I live for me
I know she understands
That’s how she wants it to be


Oliviah said...

So sad and touching.

N. said...

Moving stuff..

Flights Of The Mind said...

Michael Schiavo must have felt exactly this way too
this poem reminds me of Terri

Take care if it's a personal loss


Flights Of The Mind