Monday, May 22, 2006


Chicago, shady lawyer - strangled
Souix City, hooker - stabbed
LA, aspiring cokehead actress - OD
New York City, crooked cop - bludgeoned
Quebec, drug dealer - throat cut
Phoenix, mafia turncoat - burned alive
Portland, wife-beating athlete - run over with car

I followed him everywhere, two steps behind
never close enough to stop him, always close enough for the story

I never saw his face, never knew where he stayed
But I knew it was him
In every city
In every town, it was him

I hope the cops don't slow me down,
I might be able to interview him
get the truth about what drives him
why he does it, what he feels

I will catch him and talk to him
I know I can

Kansas City, reporter - tongue cut out


Travis Jay Morgan said...

Very nice and creative. I seen the ending coming though! =)

Day Dreamer said...

Thanks for stopping by. It was a bit predictable. I should have taken more time and added a twist, but it was late and I needed sleep.