Thursday, April 12, 2007


cut my veins to let the feelings out
bleeding within without withheld
cut my tongue to let the words out
speaking out within withheld

these emotions drain away
the pain slowly starts to wane
the sins of yesterday
fade like screams of the insane

smashed my head against the floor
ideas splatter here and there
slammed my face into the door
expressions nothing but a smear

pulled myself together, slow
pieces falling to the ground
reassembled from high to low
puzzle rebuilt to withstand the sound

of my own voice


S.Douglas. said...

Hey Day Dreamer..
I've been away for a while but I'm back and I like the new look of your blog.
waiting for the new RUSH album. I'm sure U R 2. (May 1st)
You have some great new stuff. Sorry about your "Fall"
Get well soon.

Steven Douglas

DayDreamer said...

Welcome back! I am looking forward to the album. "Far Cry" is a great single and I hope the rest of the songs are as good.
I'm healing quite nicely and will be up and around without crutched before you know it.
Thanks for stopping by!


This poem is good Day Dreamer!
You have good imagery and i just loved this poem. it was dark but i liked it very much! keep making poems!!