Friday, February 24, 2006


a broken man
tried to piece together his shattered dreams
and all of his hope
unraveled at the seams

a lonely man
tried to tape together a broken home
it fell apart
he’s now all alone

a hurting man
tried to question the pain
he heard no answers
he loves in vain

one single man
tried to make a difference
he was denied
with plain indifference

a desperate man
tried to take it all
it wasn’t long
before his fall

a righteous man
once believed in love
but he learned the truth
with no help from above

a broken man
with a tear in his eye
and broken heart
gave up an died


TotalChaos said...

Never, never, give up the fight. That's my take. You give up, you die. That's how I have always felt anyway.
Very heavy in my heart, words. Well done though.

Oliviah said...

Relating again. Oh I wish I could write like you do.

Laban T Walker said...

the sense of utter hopelessness again coming through in your writing...that no matter WHAT you do it will not change the outcome...that sick sinking feeling of doom's inevitability is the worse sensation in the world

Day Dreamer said...

It was a very dark and sad time for me when I wrote this, and I felt like all those men...except in me, there was a glimmer of hope, faint and tiny.