Sunday, February 12, 2006



It’s not about what we said
Or the places that we’ve been
It’s not about the hopes and dreams
Or the “what happens when…?”

It’s about this moment, now
And the others that will follow
Living our lives happily
And forgetting all the sorrow

The promise of the days to come
Can be brutally taken away
That’s why is so very important
To love each other today

I want to love you like each day will be my last
Just in case it is

And if I’m taken away
You will never have any doubts, or regrets

And I'd like you to do the same
So I will always be sure

About us, & about love

Happy Valentines Day, babe! I love you!


TotalChaos said...

Ever since my heart surgery, that is the way my wife and I have lived each day with each other. I wish I could write like that, but I guess that just isn't my forte.

Day Dreamer said...

Just write what you feel, that's what is important. The structure and rythym are secondary, and pale in comparison to what you actually say.

Penguinaut said...

i understand