Friday, February 17, 2006

Have you ever seen the deaf sing?

I'm not trying to be funny, or malicious or amusing
I'm asking truthfully: did you ever see the deaf sing?

I went to a concert, but I didn't want to go
Turns out I'm a moron, I really enjoyed the show
I was impressed; beyond measurable doubt
The deaf , they can sing, without a single shout
They sway with the rythum, they move with the beat
Hands moving everywhere, the show was a treat
Maybe you're thinking, that I'm kind of dumb
They couldn't be singing, It just can't be done

I'm here to tell you this one and only thing
Without speaking a word the deaf could sing.

Okay, the poem was kind of lame. But I did attend a choir concert and the deaf did perform. They were excellent. So was a group of six teenage boys that sang a capella - they were incredible. Moral of the story: a handicap doesn't prevent the impossible, and punk ass teenage boys might be okay after all. Well, some of them, anyway.

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Oliviah said...

I went to see something like this once and it was beautiful. Not only did they "sing" but they danced and left me with a heart full.