Tuesday, July 5, 2005


There’s a girl I used to know
She taught me all I needed to know
About nothing
She knew a lot about nothing

We’d drive down to the rivers edge
Watch the stars from a rocky ledge
And do nothing
A whole lot of nothing

We’d never say very many words
And the moment’s felt so right
So awkward, we’d dance to the rhythm
Of the swaying trees in the moonlight

She was a girl I used to know
The taught me all I needed to know
About nothing
She felt a lot of nothing

I walked down to the river’s shore
Saw her body by the river floor
And I did nothing
She told me to do nothing

She never said very many words
And she had given up the fight
I shed a tear and said goodbye
as she disappeared in the moonlight

She said do nothing
so I did nothing


Oliviah said...

How sad...and how incredibly good. You really express a lot of unspokens with just a few words, what a gift. I found myself reading it as if it was a tune...was it a poem or lyrics?

Day Dreamer said...

Thank you. It was intended as lyrics (as most of my earlier poetry started out to be.)