Wednesday, July 27, 2005


She said follow me to the edge of always
On my soul she leaves fingerprints of future memories

in her dominion she leads me to the river of time
we watch our history rippling on the waves of years

once upon a time...

we scaled mountains of solitude
descended canyons of doubt
walked along the plains of gratitude
trekked through the forest of love

the mass of trees grew thin
like the weak heartbeat within
we avoided each others eyes
our words, wilted, fell to the ground

blanketed under the heavy snows of despair
and chilled by the downpour of hate
we feared the painful bolts of anger
we became ravaged by the fever of regret

yet, somehow, we found our way...

we reached the tropics of forgiveness
after varying degrees of guilt
approached the latitude of acceptance
and persevered the longitude of blame


we swim in the sea of redemption
and bask on the beaches of devotion
after nights of anxious uncertainty
we awaken to each new dawn of hope

in the land of eternal dreams