Sunday, September 24, 2006

Island madness

I awoke, chilled to the bone
the fire, nothing but ash now
escaped during the early morning hours

People of this village tell me that
the mornings are beautiful
but it takes so long for the clouds to clear

The afternoons are gorgeous too
if you can stand the gale force winds
and the sand it carries

But evening, they assure me
Evening is most pleasant
Sure, if you enjoy dampness and high tide

They each turn from me and shake their heads
Where will you be happy, then?
And I wonder, where will I be?

Or when?

For the scenery may change
and the weather may clear
but I can complain about the sun

And the winds they may die,
and the dampness dissolve
but I will still have humidity

And the sunset may be striking
like it was painted with God's hands
but I will only see the coming darkness

and I will never get comfortable
I will never be content
Until you are here with me

In heart, in spirit, in body
Only then will I be able to look up
and see the stars as beautiful

only then will the breeze feel gentle
only then will the night's coolness draw me
closer, so much closer to you

only then will I escape
like last night's flame
only then will I be sane again

even though
you are only
a dream

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