Sunday, September 24, 2006


My depth perception is off center
and the universe is growing
every moment
I feel like a giant among men
a monster to be feared
even if there is nothing to fear
I'm a mythological being with the powers
to create, destroy
and enslave time
I can do wonderful
or terrible things
I can smite or protect
elect or reject
the possibilities
are cliche

I am at the mercy of no one
and everyone

a paradox of ideas
and ideals
that don't meld or mesh
water and oil

belief has left me stranded
and Faith is just a girls name
an old book cannot save me
nor ghosts kept alive by singers
in their Sunday's best
hypocrites who fall to their knees
and sin like tomorrow is judgement day
and they have a get out of hell free card
but there is no heaven
there is no hell
there is nothing to believe in

so don't sell me your bullshit
I know what this is -
a way to control and strike fear
into those who are willing
to follow

Show me, don't tell me
let me see with my own eyes
the miracles you speak of
let me see these vengeful,
forgiving beings you spend so much time
blabbering about
let me witness
a higher power
a being that will make me drop and sing
Praise be

Until I can see it
(and don't tell me about faith -
blind faith is simply foolishness
looking pretty on a Sunday morning)
Until I can touch, and see, and know for sure
I'll stay right here
trying to get myself into focus
trying to understand how to survive
in a world of believers
non believers, and in between
struggling, and at odds
with the force fed rhetoric
that so many have consumed and bought into

a story

or many stories

campfire tales
that the world somehow believed
because they were told to

open your eyes now
open your mind

think about it -
do animals worship a god?


C said...

How do you know they don't? I see proof in everything I taste, touch, hear, smell and see. But that's just me...My mind is open in places that other people nail shut. I know things...

Day Dreamer said...

I don't know, that's just it. I see the wonderful workings of nature in everything, a natural progression.

I could, of course, be very wrong.
And that will be my problem in the end, I suppose.

But my mind is not nailed shut to this; I am open to the idea. It just hasn't been proven to me yet.

C said...

Nobody can prove it to you.
That's where faith comes in.
What do you think "nature" really is? What do you think drives natural progression?

There is always an answer, and I could go on and on, but in the end everyone has to decide for themselves. I was lucky that I had something tangible to work from. Not everyone gets that opportunity...but not everyone gets into the same spot where they need it, either.