Saturday, March 18, 2006

From the ashes of my life....

the self effacing humor
the digs toward oneself
get old and tired
much like life itself

the underlying problem
never breaking the facade
boils and builds below
it's just a huge charade

wearing masks a plenty
comedy, tragedy, pain
wearing out your welcome
like a dog stuck in the rain

Open hearts and open minds
never seem to dwell
around this very humble place
my personal private hell

don't you judge and don't you point
at me or at my ways
the end is coming soon enough
I need none of your delays

just remember this one thing
when you turn and walk away
tomorrow will begin anew
a chance with each new day

weep no more, shed no tears
and wash way the pain
move along, there's nothing left
the memories are insane

build upon the lessons here
never looking back
keep on moving right along
you know the right track

I will leave you with this wish
a promise in the stars
carry love with you everywhere
and you will surely go far

guilt devours and hate distorts
and jealousy is a flame
to burn within your very core
and leave you just the same

love endures, all of these things
love can last forever
nothing else even comes close
nothing else can deliver


TotalChaos said...

Now, this one speaks. Thank you.

Evydense said...

I haven't commented on your site before, but I feel that these words were written for me. I'm crying...thank you so much. You have a gift.


Day Dreamer said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you take time to visit and I hope you continue to.

Sooner or later I'd have one that spoke to you. And I'm thrilled.