Saturday, December 17, 2005

Snapshots of the last century

Guilty pleasures, secret treasures, diving deeper, burning plains
Happy memories, fading tragedies, meet the reaper, lonely game
Infectious laughter, playful banter, star filled nights, bitter tears
Deserted sidewalks, distant catcalls, burned out lights, passing years
Atmospheric pressure, barometric measure, mercury rises, prayer in schools
Economic change, acid rain, hold-up disguises, the golden rule
Dying trees, busted knees, holiday enjoyment, guns kill
Birth and death, out of breath, unemployment, lack of skill
Traffic jam, foreign land, politicians’ feast, blinded eyes
Snow falls, fallout calls, peace in the east, leaders die
Dollar drops, belly flops, puppy dogs, ice cream cone
Air pollution, no solutions, burning logs, no fly zone
Space exploration, silent meditation, fading light, infidelity
Melancholy smile, courtroom trial, cock fight, nothing’s free
Broken lip, curvaceous hip, credit cards, newspaper lingo
Wedding bells, sex sells, questionable bard, elderly bingo
Chicken wings, tattooed rings, worn out tires, rainy night
Settling dust, youthful lust, unspoken desires, line of sight
Deadly disease, honey bees, flowering child, futures dream
Superstitious, inconspicuous, running wild, the abused scream
Generation gap, segregation act, colors bleed, stars shine
Hunger strike, motor bike, smoking weed, children whine
Big machines, laser beams, new friends, outer space
Ghosts return, cities burn, the end begins, the human race
Planets rotate, man to primate, circles close, Darwinism
Soul to sole, role to roll, bloody nose, extremism
Age old deities, overwhelming varieties, ceaseless bombardment, silence
Taxation, representation, substandard apartment, pestilence
Insecticide, genocide, candy bars, bullets to spare
Lead in paint, passionate faint, space age cars, golden hair
Religious belief, disappearing reef, fishnet stockings, baseball cleat
Childhood heroes, too many zeroes, morning dew, mad cow meat
High speed chase, dropped case, anorexia, dangerous bend
Toxic fumes, empty rooms, dyslexia, the end.


Oliviah said...

This made me is so much bigger than I remembered.

Day Dreamer said...

And it gets bigger every day.