Friday, December 2, 2005

My surrender

Smile fades into frown
The world is upside down
The gentle caress is gone

Love melts into tolerance
No longer have legs to dance
Unforeseen circumstance

Can’t observe your vacant stare
It’s more than I can bear
Focused anywhere, but here

Autumn passing to cold winter night
Prelude to another vicious fight
No one is ever right

Emotional baggage on our back
Devotional rhetoric off-track
I can’t keep picking up the slack

This should come as no surprise
You could have read it in my eyes
It’s time to unload the disguise

Of love


Oliviah said...

Wow that hurts. No idea if you wrote that from real life gut feeling or if you wrote it out of pure genius but it is incredible how you can write something that can so deeply move another person you don't even know. What an amazing gift. I am glad you write, I can't seem to do it. It almost feels like I get something off my chest when I read what you write...but it's your words, your writing, not mine. And it is a relief.

Day Dreamer said...

Thank you for the very kind words. It makes me very happy that my words can move you.