Thursday, September 22, 2005


A presence of splendid features so fine
Enraptures the heart, body and mind
A glimpse of such a beautiful face
The allure of confidence, style and grace
Magnetic fields tingle on the skin
Gravitational pull deep within
Mutual drive down an uncharted route
Freedom beyond misgiving and doubt


A promise of a second glance
The uncertainty of taking a chance
The eagerness of heart’s desires
Excitement spreads like prairie fire
Suspense in first words spoken
Denial of past hearts broken
Apprehension of feelings to share
The prospect of having someone care


The charm of smiles across the room
Lure of seduction in full bloom
Flattery in words exchanged
Prelude to passion untamed
The enticement of a shoulder bare
Or fingers running through soft hair
Intoxication of new found curves
Enhanced sensation, heightened nerves


Fear and anxiety slowly recede
To pleasure, bodies eagerly concede
Submitting to heat, a raging fire
Flesh shudders in the throes of desire
The moments pass deliciously sweet
Movements designed for ultimate release
The greatest pleasure ever known
The union of hearts, bodies and souls



Penguinaut said...

hey...your poetry is's my birthday today and i discovered that someone i love has cheated on me...i've been through the ringer too much with this person and today, i've lost all hope in true romantics....but you have this Rumi like speak that is sincere and authentic...i've retreated to your poetry's helping me....thanks

Day Dreamer said...

Penguinaut, I'm sorry that you received that news on your birthday. I am glad that my words have given you some solace, however brief. Most of my writing has been inspired by relationships and their joys, sorrows and surprises. I guess that's life, in my own words. Take care.