Thursday, September 8, 2005


Sometimes moments aren’t what I expect
Life throws me a curve
I’m not going to toss the towel in yet
I must try to live and learn

And hope that tomorrow and the day after that
Will be have everything that I’ll ever need
Because yesterday is gone, and today slips away
And the aftertaste is too bittersweet

Sometimes people aren’t what I expect
They play by their own set of rules
I can’t take myself out of the game yet
I have to keep playing the fool

And hope that she will see me for what I really am
And not what she hopes I can be
Because I’m too old to change, and too young to die
With memories this bittersweet

My life, my love

1 comment:

Oliviah said...

Bittersweet...such a feeling, you can almost taste it. Life is an oxymoron.