Friday, September 24, 2010


daggers and words
strike fear
into the hearts of the man
so brave

brevity is the word of the day
keep it simple and quick

I believed the word of a liar
does that make the liar more so,
or me the even bigger

who knows what lies in the heart of men
only the
darkest of horror s
that dwell in the shadows

flailing doubt
cast aside like so many
unwanted emotions

i know for sure the truth
or perceived truth
before it happens
premonition of the days to come

without the security of a safety net
on the bar high above the anxious crowd
my heart beats for each of you
as it cannot do for me alone

be still, fool, breathe and relax
for the line is thin
and the walk is long
and tomorrow is not a promise to anyone

i close my eyes and dream
of a place
not far from my dreams
alone and welcome

and I drift off
never to be heard from

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