Tuesday, April 13, 2010

All secrets known

in the vast ever changing
electronic landscape
that has become our new world

attention spans ever shrinking
as we're inundated and overwhelmed
with the status feeds of the masses

when did we ever concern
ourselves with the mundane rituals of life?
all the stuff we never bothered to share

socializing becomes ever more antisocial
and friends are just icons on a touch screen
wired up, plugged in, in touch by a distance

we feel safe in the obscurity
unaware that we're not so obscure, or hidden
we hang our flag everywhere

we boast of conquests and crimes
and dance our fingers across keyboards
and tell too much about ourselves

for our own good, we're oblivious
there are no secrets anymore
we've posted them for the world to see

but most people are too busy
to notice

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