Friday, October 24, 2008

trail of crumbs

how do I get there from here
what will I find when I get there
what path should I follow
this road is much to narrow?

How do I get there to you
will the feelings still be true
will the passion be unchained
or will the frustration still remain?

there's only one way back home
the trail of crumbs
I leave behind
so please, be kind

what do you expect of me
will this be passion or misery
what I want from you
the answer is within and true

there's only one way back to freedom
the trail of crumbs
We leave behind
free my mind

what if
there is
only one
way to
make this

would you
would you
would you
do it

follow the trail of crumbs
that you leave behind
they may lead to something promising
they may even lead to ....... me

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