Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Show me

I don't believe in angels
I don't believe in devils
I don't believe
I don't believe

I want to see the angels
with the halos of gold
I want to see the devils
with stares so cold

I don't believe

There is no heaven
There is no hell

There is only life
Too short and too mean
There is only life
Quickly passed, a dream

I don't believe

There is no salvation
There is no redemption
There is only here and now
There is only temptation

What do I need to see?
What do I need to hear?
when will I feel the power?
Is that day near?

I believe
I believe in you
do you
believe in me?

What do you see?
What do you need?
What does a fool believe?
Just ask me...

I feel the distance between you and me
Getting shorter
Maybe it's my perception
Hope is a tall order

After all
what should I believe in
show me the way

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