Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a race never won, never one

an xray of
the nuts and bolts
reveals telling tales of
my disintegration from
the human race

the slowly turning cogs
of my inner mechanical workings
need periodic greasing
of a philosophical kind
to keep up with the human race

the intrinsic input
and regurgitated output
lengthen processing time
please wait, please wait
for the human race

the silicon and minerals
that carry the pulses
of binary overload
are trapped within the flesh and blood
of a human in a human race

the data and code
the frequency and uploads
upgrades and improvements
cannot keep up with
the human race

overclocked, understocked
and running out of time
I'm afraid the
I'm afraid the
I'm afraid the

system overload
system failure
universal failure
catastophic failure
human failure
human race

ctrl-alt-del cannot fix this

Revisiting the past: They

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