Thursday, May 17, 2007

New music element

I have added a music element to the right side of my blog. I created/composed all the songs with the help of some very talented music software. The music is raw and probably needs some major help with the mixing, structure, timing, and just about everything alse,but I'm very happy with the results. "Duo" features me on guitar accompanied by only a drum track. So far, that's the only song I play an instrument on (and I use the word 'play' very loosely...I am but an amateur, as you can tell.)

Due to space contraints, I can only list a few songs at a time. I will rotate the music and post when I list something new.

Please note that the music loops continuously until you press the stop button.

This is something very new to me and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think.



I really like the music part it allows you to express your self in a new way, and people to see you in a different way. I like the music one called junk it sound kind of like it could be the ending for the movie "Robots*".
you have great poems and i like your work!!
*you should know who i am


jokes! love native winter and cochise (didn't spell it right) all your works are awsome!