Thursday, February 22, 2007

Have a nice trip...Part I

I try to be careful
I'm not reckless
I guess I'm just

Reduced to a writhing pile
of human suffering
by something as innocent
as ice

I fell in slow motion
thinking "this can't be good"
when I heard it
the sound that still echoes in my head

As I dropped my foot went one way
and my body another
accompanied by the sound
of celery stalks snapping

only, I'm not made of veggies
And celery doesn't hurt
(It does taste awful, though)
Bones and veggies oh my!

I squirmed and looked down
my foot decided to look elsewhere
upset with me for my misstep
and the punishment it felt

I rolled over, realigning the broken ankle
more celery snaps, tears welled
and I wondered, lying on the cold sidewalk,
is anyone going to help me?

Help did arrive
and I will survive
when the pain subsides
and the pins (and screws) are inside

Until then (Tuesday, actually)
I'll lie here bored, swollen, and hurting
watching more tv than I ever had
amazed at the amount of idiocy televised

but that's another story...


Angelfish said...



I hope you heal up in a timely fashion!!! I have a phobia about slipping and falling, because I'm tall and tend to be a bit on the clumsy side, and have weak ligaments. I've never broken a bone, but have snapped my share of joints. Get well soon...

On the plus side, you have lots of time to write! :)

coyote said...

Ouch, also. Mend soon!

DayDreamer said...

Thank you for your good wishes! Angelsfish, I'm very tall too and falling sucks - it's so far to go! It doesn't help that it felt like slow motion all the way down. This is my first broken bone and hopefully my last. Unfortunately I have trouble sitting for a long time without having my leg up, so although I have the time, I have a hard time writing. Que sera!

Oliviah said...

Oh my painful that sounds. And it made me remember the sound of my arm breaking when I was showing off, doing a series of cartwheels for the football players while they practiced. That sound, to me, was like the sound of pencils breaking.

I hope you are healing well and ouch, ouch, ouch!!! I am sooo sorry that happened to you. :\

DayDreamer said...

Pencils breaking...yep, sounded a lot like that too!