Friday, December 8, 2006

Night Terrors

Screaming again
at the top of my lungs
Screaming again
out of control

Scared the hell out of myself
and everyone else in the house
Don't know why I'm screaming
Don't know what I'm screaming about

Jagged nerves
when I wake up
Embarassment creeps in
overtakes the terror

Can't fall back to sleep
can't stay awake
so I lay there quietly
and shake

for while
then sleep wins again
until the screaming begins

and it will


Anonymous said...

When my life spins out of control...I dream of tornadoes. It's terrifying, and it never fails. Dreams are so binding because we can not escape them, good or bad.

Day Dreamer said...

I usually don't have remember what I was dreaming/screaming about. I do have the "terrors" a lot when I'm stressed, but they appear out of nowhere when I feel fine too. No escape is the truth.

Oliviah said...

I have night terrors, but I can't get the scream out. They are horrible experiences; something about not being able to get the scream out makes me feel utterly helpless to...what? I don't know. From what you are saying, even actually screaming is no better than my silent screams.


i hate the feeling of falling when your sleeping and you have a nightmare, i have had them and i freaks me out big time!!
i like the poem you could see some one screaming!