Sunday, November 19, 2006

Waxing nostaligic

It's been a while since I could help a friend
They're a rarity these days
not only the chances to help, but friends
I used to have more than I would ever need
Now, not so many
Joined lives have splintered into a million different directions
High school sweethearts and pals fade with each day
I wouldn't recognize most of the people I grew up with
It's been too long and I'm too far away
Adults don't make friends as easily as children
We're too guarded, suspicious, busy
Children are open, curious, full of wonder
They can forgive most grievences
Adults hold a grudge

Children smile
Adults grimace
Children often laugh
Adults often cry
Children play
Adults rest
Children believe
Adults deny

Children remember
Adults forget


C said...

oh to have the cares and responsibilities of a child once again...if even for a day.

S. Douglas said...

This is so true. All of it. and so informal, that's what makes it so great.

Penguinaut said...

I think that we can evolve these words "children" and "adults" to ways of thinking...kind of like the social underpinnings of that movie "the outsiders" about staying golden