Sunday, October 1, 2006


I moved through the room
and you didn't say a word
I left for a while
you didn't ask where I had gone
I took a nap on the floor
and you stepped right on by
I stared at the ceiling and listened
while you slept peacefully

The soft whisper of each breath
played upon my ears
I could smell the shampoo on your hair
tropical & pleasant
a few strands of hair fall across your cheek
perfect and alluring
the swell of your breast peeks out
from the top of your nightshirt
your curves intoxicate me
- from your jawline to your calves -
no hard angles, everything elegant
like your eyes

eyes that would be perfect
so deep, dark, compassionate
eyes that could have everything
if they could only see me


C said...

This is very moving...

Oliviah said...

Wow, that was great. "c" is right, that was very moving.

S.Douglas. said...

I like this one a lot...I hope you get your wish.