Thursday, July 13, 2006


I tried everything to build a fire
I thought I created a few sparks
But nothing ignited
So I hunkered down and tried harder
Spinning and pushing and pulling
I smelled smoke

But no fire

I looked around, collected my thoughts
Decided to take my time and re-evalute
Nothing new occurred
I questioned my technique, my materials
I took stock in my equipment and myself
and tried again

Still, no fire

I began to panic and lose faith
Man cannot survive without the flame
I worked harder
My breathing heavy, my throat tight
Sweat dripped from my brow
My heartbeat quickened

Yet, no fire

I sat back and stopped trying, exhausted
The solution occured to me
The answer arrived
I felt ashamed of my actions
Of the time and effort wasted
In the wrong place

I was in the wrong place
it would never be the right time
ever again


coyote said...

When it works, it's like magic. But when it doesn't, sometimes nothing helps...

JJ said...

I love this.

C said...

been there, done that...i love the way you've told this story...

**Silvermoon**GEL said...

Often, it happens without the effort, like a surprise.
BTW, I like the title of your blog, too!

Flights Of The Mind said...

Guess i am still in the wrong place...:)

this definitely is eye-opening :)