Saturday, August 20, 2005

I am, Part II - Excess

I am the one that...
...cares a little too much
...drinks way too much, when I drink
...swears all the time
...thinks, analyzes and evaluates all the time
...believes in love too much
...spends more money than I should
...eats too much
...sleeps in too much
...smokes too much, when I smoke
...stays up too late, too often
...reads several books at once
...starts several projects at the same time
...stockpiles what I like, whether I need it or not
...will keep in touch, whether you like it or not
...believes in the rules, common sense and common courtesy
...puts my heart, as well as my head, into my job
...searches for the answers


Wegrit said...

Are you me?!? Seriously, we must have very similar personalities. Enjoy your blog!

Wegrit said...

A propos of your Stars fan question:

DEAR GOD NO! I'm a Leafs fan born and bred. I grew up in the great city of Toronto with a father and a grandfather who both grew up there as Leafs fans, though the last time they won the Cup, my dad was 13.

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of you work!

Incidentally, regarding our question about how a Canuck ends up in Texas, I moved here on a dare. I think I lost in the long run!

Penguinaut said...

...qualities of a true pilgrim, a sufi