Thursday, June 16, 2005


One glorious stolen moment. Heartbeats quicken
as the distance between declines. Time stands still
as we tangle flesh, heat, breath, desire. Muscles tense,
butterflies dance. Your fingers firmly grip my shirt; my hand caresses the small of your back. I pull you close. Our bodies
Intertwine fluidly. I’m lost in the tenderness, the warm
wet silky smoothness of your lips and mouth.
Hungrily we explore uncharted terrain, savoring the sensations,
losing ourselves in the other, engulfed and enthralled. Fulfilled momentarily,
we reluctantly release. Our eyes open slowly, dreamily. My hand brushes your flushed cheek, traces your perfect jaw line. My lips lightly glide down your delicate neck, sparking electricity down your spine.
One final touch, hand to hand, soul to soul, and we depart.
Alone now. Your scent lingers with me.
I crave your sweetness.
Eagerly, I wait.

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